Establishing new web analytics tools and a center of excellence equips a leading insurance company to enhance customer experience through digital channels
Accelerated access to advanced web analytics data and a center of excellence champions the value across the enterprise
The client is a leading insurance that offers a comprehensive mix of coverage, pricing and personalized service to individuals and families looking to protect their homes, autos and more.

Pursuing web analytics excellence
To deliver a strong, consistent, differentiated customer experience through digital channels, the client wants to understand how its customers and agents use the various sites managed by its Online Experience team. The
client recognized that having better web analytics data could enable more than simply managing website content; it could be vital for managing customer experience. The company selected Adobe’s SiteCatalyst, a real-time web
analytics intelligence tool to replace an existing analytics tool that was difficult to access and use.

At the same time, the client wanted to create a web analytics center of excellence to champion the business value and strategic and tactical utility of web analytics data across its many business units and corporate functions, as well as to:

  • Implement and integrate other Adobe analytical tools, including Test & Target, TagManager, and Adobe Report Writer
  • Integrate SiteCatalyst with other digital tools, including BrightEdge SEO, Exact Target, and Double Click
  • Design, prioritize, and deploy these tools

For assistance with implementing SiteCatalyst and establishing the center of excellence, the client turned to West
Monroe Partners, which offered deep analytics experience, a proven approach for improving customer experience,
and a strong track record for successful project delivery at the company.

Moving from vision to value

West Monroe Partners worked closely with the client to facilitate definition of a web analytics value proposition, including a mission and vision, and then translate these into a charter and strategy articulation for the company’s new web analytics center of excellence. This process employed West Monroe’s emphasis on collaboration and bridging internal barriers in order to improve customer experience.

West Monroe Partners also modeled the company’s current web analytics processes, practices, and architecture across multiple business groups and:

  • Created analytics models
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Produced an analytics and reporting toolkit for the center of excellence
  • Identified and prioritized improvement opportunities based on the company’s web analytics vision
  • Documented a road map for implementing current and future projects designed to extend the use of web data throughout the enterprise

West Monroe Partners’ technical implementation support helped ensure data reliability and accelerated user
access to the solution’s full capabilities— including interactive dashboards, integrated data, and push reporting. More significantly, by helping the company establish a web analytics center of excellence, West Monroe positioned it to increase online marketing effectiveness and enhance customers’ and agents’ experience through digital channels.

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