Customer Experience
Many retailers think of customer experience as a flashy marketing campaign, a friendly voice in a contact center, or a snappy new mobile application. While these might represent features of an overall experience, they gloss over the underlying operational magic required to deliver these experiences. A store is nothing more than a nice façade without ERP visibility on its website that lets customers find a store where stock is available or the mobile technology that empowers employees to quickly service customers and eliminate checkout lines.

Overlooking operations and failing to make appropriate technology and process improvement investments risks can wreak havoc on your customers. Retailers intent on improving or even transforming the customer experience need to think systemically across the complex ecosystem that is responsible for delivering the customer experience.
  • Engage customers with an inspiring vision. Retailers should clearly articulate the experience they seek to customers. But, retailers that deliver great experiences do more than simply articulate a vision – they inspire people with that vision. These visions transcend the products or services themselves and strive to achieve a higher purpose that focuses on the outcomes customers seek to achieve.
  • Align operations with customer processes. Retailers that understand the customer operating model (the customer’s contexts, scenarios, processes, devices and measurements of success) can uncover misalignment within the internal operating model. Misalignment that results in lost opportunities, unhappy customers and unnecessary inefficiencies and excess cost. Retailers rarely connect the customer interactions to the internal people, processes, technology and data that operationally deliver the interactions. Customer experience blueprints or service blueprints can help retailers create ownership and accountability, break down organizational silos and deliver cost savings at the same time.  
  • Empower employees. Too often firms look to digital tools as a way to shuttle customers to self-service and eliminate staff. Instead, retailers should think of self-service as a way to handle the mundane transactional activity that customers don’t want to call about and empower employees with tools that help anticipate the more challenging and meaningful needs customers have.
  • Use big data to foster customer outcomes and success. The real power of big data is that companies for the first time have the ability to not only understand intimately how customers use their products and services, but also help them succeed in using those products. Rather than using big data to simply develop marketing product pitches targeted at customers, smart retailers will build data visualization and gamification capabilities to turn their big data into services that engage customers around their own success.
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Workforce Optimization

Best practices that benefit every facet of your store operations.
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We work with you to engineer improvements in all departments—from warehouse to checkout and everything in between. Improve processes. Implement and use fair labor standards and standard operating procedures. Create differentiated store profiles to drive operational decisions. Optimize staffing. Together, all the steps that can boost customer service, in-store experience, employee morale, productivity, and ultimately profit margins.

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