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Our retail industry specialists work every day with category leaders—applying practical approaches to workforce management, flow of goods, retail technologies, process improvement and in-store execution, layout and design.
In Retail Demand Planning, The Numbers Can Lie
Retail demand planning is largely a game of numbers. But a store that relies entirely on hard statistics will be in for an unpleasant surprise.

What if you could optimize the flow of products into your customers’ hands with little to no disruption? What if you could design a supply chain with the sensibilities of those customers in mind? What if you could use advanced analytics to build efficiency into every aspect of your operations?

That’s what we do. We improve systems and processes to elevate your execution across your supply chain and inside your stores. By blending our customer experience, advanced analytics and operations excellence capabilities, we can help you understand customer needs and make better operational decisions.

From engineering through execution, we bring a practical, pragmatic approach to ensuring the efficient and fluid movement of products from your distribution centers to your stores and every point in between.

Customer Experience
Every retailer has a digital strategy. Few have mastered the complexity of designing an organizational structure and operational framework to support great customer experiences – both online and in-store.
Workforce Optimization
High turnover coupled with increasing customer demands mean that today's retailers need to do more with less. They need a high-performing workforce – a workforce focused on productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction across all of their operations. Is your workforce up for the challenge?
Date : October 19, 2016

Seattle-based director adds more than 18 years of broad enterprise technology experience.

Sam Dawes and Tom Racciatti discuss how "ship-from-store" can help retail supply chains level the playing field in this recent Supply & Demand Chain Executive article.
Date : July 22, 2016
The e-tailing wave is washing over the retail industry, creating a sink-or-swim situation for retailers across the industry. In 2015 alone, Internet sales went up 23 percent—with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.
Join West Monroe, US Foods, Loyola University, Amazon and Oberweis for an interactive panel discussion
Date : June 23, 2016

Perspectives on what to expect and how to prepare your workforce for the next decade