Service Excellence Solution for Manufacturing

Transform your organization from product-centric to customer-centric with our Service Excellence Solution for Manufacturers


Deliver Excellent Customer Service: Manage customer inquiries across e-mail, phone, web and social channels to unlock up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Provide Warranty and Contract Management: Offer warranty extensions and upgrades to increase revenue and ensure you are providing the right level of service to your customers.

Increase Loyalty with Customer and Distributor Collaboration: Deliver a seamless self-service experience, drive down call volume and increase customer satisfaction utilizing Salesforce Communities.

Increase First Time Resolution with Field Service Management: Improve first time fix rates by assigning and deploying technicians based on skill set and location; better manage work orders and field service personnel.

Drive Insight Into Order and Inventory Management: Integrate with your ERP system to surface critical information to customer service, such as order and inventory data, and gain a 360 degree view of your customer.

Connect Your Products with IoT: Gain valuable insight into product usage and potential issues to drive a predictive customer service model and differentiated offering.

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Hear from manufacturing experts Bob Landgren, Will Wu, and Achyut Jajoo - Global Industry Leader, Salesforce, on how aftermarket services can deliver effortless customer service, customer loyalty and additional revenue while raising the bar on the competition.

Learn how Atek utilized a connected solution to improve customer service and unlock revenue streams in this case study.  


Supply Chain Management
Virtually every organization shares the basic business goals of achieving aggressive revenue growth goals, maintaining the highest standards of quality and service, and meeting profitability expectations, but in today’s environment, many find that achieving them all can be a real balancing act. Unless closely coordinated, the steps taken to pursue them can put pressure on supply chains and create waste – by some estimates, as much as $300 billion per year worldwide.

Not surprisingly, executives are scrutinizing supply chains more closely than ever as they look for ways to improve competitiveness and performance. Among other things, a well-designed and efficiently running supply chain can:
  • Utilize advanced analytics to empower strategic decisions
  • Increase ability to match supply and demand
  • Align procurement and inventory tightly with demand
  • Optimize production and delivery functions by ensuring product visibility at all times
  • Improve relationships with customers and suppliers through increased collaboration
  • Optimize inventory level and warehousing costs
  • Improve shipment accuracy and minimize the impact of returns
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Trade Promotion Management
Our approach
We don’t own trade promotion software.  So, we are unbiased and outline the necessary steps to optimize trade promotions without depending on any one software solution.  We combine best of class process and policies with organizational change opportunities - while keeping an eye on harvesting valuable data for analytics.

Our solutions

Strategic Trade Fund Assessment
Depending on the maturity of your trade promotion program, we right size fit a strategic solution to be agile for change with an eye on capabilities within your organization.

This assessment analyzes past promotion effectiveness and implements best practices - without impacting revenue.  Strategic targeted assessments can include trade fund customer market segmentation analysis and new annual operating plan methodology.

Trade Promotion Policy and Procedures Repository
Our best practice repository of policies and procedures is leveraged with each engagement.   Now each department in your company has a voice in trade promotion management (or optimization) transformation by leveraging best practice policies and procedures for compliance and governance of trade funds.  

CPG Subject Matter Expertise
We are business and technology consultants with decades of experience in the consumer product industry.  For some clients, West Monroe runs the internal trade promotion management center of excellence. Other clients need help at specific phases including general ledger mapping to promotional tactic and deduction resolution, creating return on investment point of views for company and retailer, master data certification management, interface mapping expertise to enterprise resources planning systems or converting from spreadsheets to an online trade promotion management application.  Regardless of your current state, we can help with:
  • Software selection management with total cost of ownership analysis
  • Run the program management office for the entire design transformation
  • Funding compliance guidelines and policies
  • Phased transformation to reduce volume and distribution loss while increasing trade fund effectiveness
  • Sales operation assessment to reduce manual effort
  • Account team tools to create customer level profitability
  • IT system capabilities and management assessment to support demands of trade promotion management or trade promotion optimization
  • Leverage sales estimated volume for forecasting and production planning
  • Best use of everyday low price by account and pricing analysis
  • Cataloging issue and requirements for cost benefit analysis
  • Designing test scripts to confirm configurations meet outcomes
How can West Monroe help you manage and optimize your trade promotions? Contact Bob Tantillo to learn more.
Workforce Optimization

We start by defining your objectives and understanding your business goals. Then, we observe your people and processes at work in your environment and look at your data and technology. From there, we blend the science of engineering and the art of people into a new workforce operating model that maximizes productivity and, more importantly, is sustainable. Specifically, our consultants are experts in:

  • Implementing engineered labor standards that maximize efficiency and employee safety and satisfaction
  • Matching the right talent with the right processes and tools – and training them appropriately – to deliver on growing expectations from your customers
  • Reducing labor costs to free up capital for strategic investments
  • Improving quality, delivery, speed to market and customer satisfaction

The result: you achieve 100-percent productivity from 100-percent of your workforce. On average, our clients achieve 25% improvements in productivity – year after year – after working with West Monroe. Can your organization compete with that? If not, it may be time to take a closer look at your workforce and whether it’s working for you.

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