Data Management
Many of today’s pharmaceutical companies have been formed by a variety of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures, making data management and systems integration an overwhelming burden. We can help.

West Monroe understands pharma and regulated data.  We develop migration strategies, using the secure cloud, and provide integrated reporting of old and new information– giving you visibility across your entire organization. Whether you face challenges with your enterprise resource planning systems, quality management systems or virtually any other large-scale business platform, our experts can integrate applications, eliminate manual processes and produce user-friendly reports to measure business performance.

The result? Integrated systems, processes and reporting are the foundation for successful companies. Empowering your workforce with the ability to quickly access reporting and information allows them to make market-related changes and informed sales decisions to support your growing organization.
Predictive Analytics
International regulators are requiring life sciences companies to identify biomarkers and related characteristics that correlate to patient outcomes.  While analytics in the industry are advanced, there is strong demand for new technologies to quickly identify predictive variables from complex data sets.
We understand the life sciences industry and can help you source, understand and cleanse your data so it can be used for meaningful analysis and insights. We start with a deep understanding of pharmaceutical and medical device information and then put your data through a complex data manipulation exercise using tools like SAS, SQL server and Hadoop . With a more manageable and relevant dataset, we leverage a proprietary predictive analytics tool called Hypercube®. HyperCube is a technology that derives human-readable business rules, and can identify complex relationships with predictor variables that many traditional techniques cannot.. We particularly can identify the complex interaction and influence of variables. We offer actionable insights delivered through visualization tools like QlikView and Tableau.  West Monroe works in cloud-based platforms to preserve data sovereignty and privacy.

The result? Better insights. Shorter times to understanding. Better medicine.
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