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Comprehensive Approach
Data Driven Insight
We work with pharmaceutical and medical technology firms to align business, operations, research and information technology in order to transform their organization and improve portfolio performance.
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Are Apple’s ResearchKit and CareKit ready for the Big Leagues?

As pharma companies shift to patient-centric models, and providers to value-based care models, application platforms such as CareKit and ResearchKit may be the new frontier in healthcare. 

As you face regulatory shifts, profit pressures and an accelerated M&A environment, is your organization focused on thriving and growing over the next five years?

If so, then three items are likely at the top of your operations agenda: leverage analytics, drive greater efficiencies and master M&A transformations. We can assist with all three: We extract deep insights from complex data arrays using advanced approaches and tools like the Bearing Point HyperCube. We help you use these insights to structure and run your operations more intelligently, efficiently and profitably—and with greater foresight. We navigate the complexities of any M&A process by planning and executing diligence, acquisition and carve out projects complete with tools, templates and processes that give you tighter control and more predictable outcomes.

Sound like magic sauce? Perhaps, but clients tell us that our approach is comprehensive and the results are real.

Data Management
Many of today’s pharmaceutical companies have been formed by a variety of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures, making data management and systems integration an overwhelming burden. We can help.
Predictive Analytics
International regulators are requiring Life Science companies to identify biomarkers and related characteristics that correlate to patient outcomes. While analytics in the industry are advanced, there is strong demand for new technologies to quickly identify predictive variables from complex data sets.
How pharma companies can facilitate higher quality patient care at a lower cost.
Date : May 19, 2017
Pharmaceutical companies that have adopted a patient-centric approach have seen significant benefits in the form of greater patient adherence to medication, more consistent customer engagement, and overall improvements in the efficiency of their medical information and pharmacovigilance operations.
Join West Monroe's Anthony Chambers for a webcast in partnership with Mergermarket, Citrix and BioPharm Insight
Date : June 10, 2016 Time : 02:00 PM EST
Experts speculate speculation that a raft of pharma consolidation can be expected this year as companies look to cut costs. Will this be the case? How can pharma companies deal with pressure from PBMs, insurers and the public?
New York
Data integration and advanced analytics capabilities tailored to your industry’s operations.
Date : April 28, 2016

Our pharmaceutical and biotech commercial analytics solutions help you integrate data from disparate sources and systems and then apply descriptive, perspective, and prescriptive analytics capabilities that drive more effective commercial operations.