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Our insurance experts can help you develop winning strategies for driving growth and maintaining competitive advantage.

Case Study: Advanced Insurance Claims Analysis Tool
The application was delivered in just four months—coinciding with the company’s annual client appreciation event—to the delight of its most significant customers.

Today’s insurers are wrestling with market shifts and internal dynamics such as: data overload, cyber liabilities, digital value chain disruption, price and service competition, rapidly evolving customer expectations and regulatory uncertainty. 

Insurance leaders are defined by three competencies: the ability to acquire and retain profitable customers, run efficient operations, and, innovate business insights to capitalize on opportunities. We can help you do all three.

We define the ideal customer interaction and establish strategies for improving broker/agent relationships. We help you streamline processes, engage the right technology solutions, and deliver new products to the market faster than industry average. And, we produce targeted analytics to manage costs and profitability, forecast market trends and realize new revenue streams.

Advanced Analytics
Big data has a welcome disruptive quality for insurance companies. It helps identify new revenue opportunities, provides actionable operational diagnostics and highlights control enhancements for improved regulatory compliance.
Customer Experience
The insurance landscape is changing and technologies are a strategic differentiator in the insurance value chain from both an efficiency and engagement perspective. Customers want their service and product providers to “know” them and provide unique experiences and expertise to them on demand, requiring an interaction model that involves digital while maintaining a personal touch. And, the compliance obstacles most insurers face in servicing customer complaints are daunting.
Gil Mermelstein to speak on the strategic M&A in financial services panel
Date : November 4, 2015 Time : 08:00 AM EST

Gil Mermelstein to speak on the strategic M&A in financial services panel

Sean Curran to speak on M&A and IT (Cyber) Security Risks.
Date : October 15, 2015 Time : 11:00 AM

We hope you'll join us at the 6th Annual SNL Insurance M&A Symposium.

Insurers that implement deliberate change management programs are poised to reap the benefits of CRM
Date : August 17, 2015

Insurers face various issues when it comes to CRM adoption including data access, data quality, maintaining confidentiality, defining the right incentives, managing changing workforce dynamics and a business shift from product centricity to customer centricity. In this article, we review the core areas insurers should focus on in order to increase sales and maximize the return on their CRM investment.