Customer Experience
Customer experience matters

Forces from consumerism to digital evolution are changing how people expect to interact with organizations—driving fundamental operational change in every sector of business. Healthcare is far from immune.

Leaders in the payer, provider, and population health space are responding by using principles of “customer experience” to orchestrate an ecosystem that offers an effortless experience for customers, healthcare delivery teams, and other stakeholders. And they are driving greater financial returns as a result.

Customer-centric operations, tailored to the unique needs of healthcare enterprises

Reaping the benefits of a differentiated experience requires engaged employees, compelling brand values, and smart operations. It also requires the ability to mobilize operations around the people rather than around traditional enterprise boundaries. This is where we excel.

Our team combines substantial healthcare experience with deep technology expertise and knowledge of social and digital best practices across industries. We translate that unique blend of experience into solutions such as customer effort scoring, segmentation and engagement strategy, eCommerce and health exchanges, loyalty initiatives, portals, usability, self-service channels, and other approaches that today are helping payers, providers, and population health enterprises create lasting business value.

A prescription for success

We can help you transform the way your organization works:
  • Adopt an outside-in view of your operations, using interactive journey map workshops supported by advanced analytics and other customer experience best practices
  • Formulate robust segmentation, experience, and engagement strategies
  • Modernize your operating model, rooting it firmly in the outcomes your customers, healthcare delivery teams, and other constituents seek
  • Determine the operational improvements that can have the biggest impact on stakeholder experience
  • Shift your culture to become more customer-centric
Turn great experience into greater financial returns

You have the opportunity to revolutionize touch points and internal processes to build advocacy, improve outcomes, strengthen your operating model, and ultimately drive top-line revenue. Are you ready to turn great experience into greater financial returns?

Dental and Ancillary
Take charge of the future

The dental and ancillary landscape continues to evolve as new business-to-consumer marketplaces settle. Leaders in this space are continuously assessing their marketplace opportunities and fine-tuning their strategies and business models. But they are doing more than that to stay ahead. They are defining the capabilities they will need to be successful in the future. They are using customer experience to win a greater share of today’s hyper-connected customers; while modernizing operations and building flexible platforms that will allow them to adapt, wherever reform leads them next.

Deep dental and ancillary experience

We understand your market. Our experienced Healthcare team has helped many leading dental, vision, life, and other ancillary insurance organizations develop and execute strategies to respond to transformational change. 

Whether your goal is to think strategically about member engagement strategies or to evaluate mergers and acquisitions to fast track your future business model, we offer the deep industry, consulting, and technology experience and resources you need to accomplish your goals.

We understand the changes taking place in your marketplace—and what it takes to be successful
Our uncommon blend of skills and experiences enables us to translate knowledge into winning strategies for your business. We can facilitate strategic discussions, develop practical business and technology solutions, bring technology innovation to life, and lead your organization through change.

We assist dental, vision, life, pet, and ancillary insurance organizations with:
  • Refining and optimizing product and customer strategies for today’s reform-driven marketplaces and expanding access to the complex healthcare ecosystem
  • Introducing new customer-driven channels, such as mobile technology and member/provider/broker portals
  • Transforming operations and customer experience—efficiently
  • Developing and executing strategies to establish (buy, build, or borrow) new lines of business
  • Creating future-focused claims platforms and software solutions that integrate key systems
  • Developing reporting and predictive analytics capabilities, including enterprise data warehouses, to fuel growth or contain costs
  • Developing proactive strategies to mitigate cybersecurity risks
  • Supporting organizations throughout the merger and acquisition lifecycle, from diligence through successful integration and synergies 

Change is here to stay
How can we help you respond—and succeed?

Health Plans
Stay at the leading edge of change
The political climate may continue to raise questions about the future of healthcare reform, but industry leaders are not waiting for clarity. They are taking charge to build agile, responsive, competitive operations that drive success today—and, more importantly, will help them sustain success through any changes to come. To stay at the leading edge of change, your organization should be looking closely at everything from products to platforms and software to customer experience. 

Whether you need help with broad transformation or more tactical project work, we can help. We work with a wide array of payers and third-party administrators to identify opportunities in this evolving marketplace, define a competitive and profitable path forward, and transform their businesses to achieve growth and profitability.

Develop a winning formula
Our unique blend of industry operations experience and deep technology skills enables us to translate knowledge into winning business formulas—from developing practical business and technology solutions to acquiring and integrating the new capabilities necessary to thrive in today’s markets. 

Our skilled consultants can help payers and third-party administrators:
  • Refine and optimize product and customer strategies for today’s reform-driven marketplaces
  • Transform operations and customer experience, including enhanced contact center capabilities
  • Leverage new customer-driven channels, such as mobile and member/provider/broker portals
  • Create future-oriented platforms and software solutions, including selecting and migrating benefit systems (claims platforms) and integrating key systems
  • Develop proactive strategies to mitigate cybersecurity risks
  • Develop reporting and predictive analytics capabilities
  • Establish (buy, build, or borrow) new lines of business
  • Manage the M&A lifecycle, from diligence through successful integration and synergies
Navigate change, emerge as a leader
Operate more efficiently—and nimbly. Raise your competitive position as the industry shakes out. How can our deep health plan experience and uncommon blend of business and technology insight help your organization emerge as a leader?
Mergers & Acquisitions

A new era in healthcare requires new strategies for success

Healthcare reform and a changing marketplace have dramatically shifted the industry’s merger and acquisition landscape. Where organizations traditionally pursued mergers and acquisitions to expand scale and/or market share, today’s marketplace includes an array of transaction strategies designed to diversify business portfolios, add new services, improve health outcomes, and manage the cost of care more effectively.

We understand the complexities that lurk beneath the surface

Our experienced team has been through this process many times before. performing over a thousand due diligence projects and managing detailed planning and integration or separation for numerous complex mergers and divestitures. Since 2010, our Healthcare team has assisted more than 400 healthcare payers, providers, and other organizations with merger and acquisition activity, including navigating the evolving regulatory landscape and bringing future-oriented operations to life.

The right blend of experience and expertise

Acquiring and integrating new capabilities and turning those into long-term value demands experience—from initial planning and diligence through integration and optimization. We partner with you on developing critical success factors, which increase management and investor confidence that the deal can deliver anticipated value. How do we know those conditions? By drawing upon a truly multidisciplinary background coupled with experience that fits your healthcare and technology niche. We help healthcare organizations navigate all stages of a transaction:

  • Strategy
  • Diligence
  • Planning
  • Integration/Separation
  • Optimization

Strategic partner, tactical implementer

Our highly sought IT and operational diligence capabilities examine target’s operations and technology to reduce time, risk, and help align the purchase price with the objectives of the deal. Our multidisciplinary expertise spans pre-transaction to post-transaction of portfolio optimization as follows:

  • Pre-Transaction: Assessment of the landscape, niches and arbitrages to inform where buyers should seek transactions based on their  investment thesis
  • Transaction: From due diligence to pre-close planning and post-close planning for merger synergies, day 1 and separation planning, we are familiar with the nuances of product strategies, IT contracts, and the  complexities of healthcare transactions
  • Post-Transaction: Outside of the transaction, we partner with our clients on projects that help transform their company. Such projects include Digital Transformation, Claims Platform Selection-Implementation,-Migrations, Contact Center Transformation, Population Health System Selection and Implementation, Process Re-Engineering, Revenue Cycle Management Transformation, Cost Reduction, Value Based Care Transformation, Lean Transformation, Advanced Analytics and Systems Integration.

Build for a new reality

We are committed to making deals work, companies strong, and you successful. How can we help your organization move forward?

Provider and Population Health

With continued reimbursement pressure, today’s healthcare crisis can be seen as a daunting task or a promising adventure in partnering with patients. Our clients choose to see it as the latter. 

Engagement is only a precursor to outcomes. With greater physician burnout, patient engagement isn't sufficient to transform towards a sustainable value based delivery system. Both patient and provider engagement are critical to form a dynamic partnership to effectuate change - for both patients and providers.
To do so, we help health systems envision the transformation AND execute it.

Envision It

What impedes transformation towards value based delivery? We’ve all experienced it. The misalignment between Clinical team and Administration. The great divide between IT and Business. 

Bridging the gap among Clinical, IT, and Business is only the start of the adventure. We are an uncommon blend of clinical, business, and technology disciplines to help bridge this gap through:

Execute It

Once you’ve envisioned an ideal future state, whether that is to truly partner with patients in the digital economy, improve efficiency to reduce cost, grow footprint through acquisitions, bolster enterprise security, or transform population health systems, we help you build such solutions in a manner that fits the change readiness of your organization. Such solutions include:

  • Patient and Provider Digital Platform Solutions
  • M&A Execution
  • Population Health Solutions
  • Patient Centered Lean Enhancements
  • Advanced Analytics Platforms (Data Governance, Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, etc.)
  • Enterprise Security Solutions (HIPAA and Cyber Security)

In an environment of increasing regulatory oversight and decreasing reimbursements, healthcare providers find themselves in a crisis. However, industry has countered with marketplace consolidation and the evolution of new insurance and delivery models. As a healthcare provider, are you struggling to keep up with these challenges or are you taking advantage of new opportunities?

Amidst a race towards comprehensive population health and wellness programs and technology advancements that truly differentiate providers, it can be difficult to maintain focus on your primary mission: quality patient care.


Healthcare organizations represent an extremely attractive target for cyber criminals due to the wealth of personally identifiable information they maintain. The lack of organizational awareness of data privacy and security risks combined with the limited resources to improve the enterprise security posture can lead to serious financial, operational, and reputational consequences for the organization.

As healthcare organizations aim to provide better health outcomes, improve customer engagement, and provide cost and quality transparency—all at a lower cost—they will need to weigh carefully how to balance privacy and security needs with consumer demand and running a nimble business.

Mitigate the risk, better position the organization

We understand that when it comes to data breaches, prevention is the best approach. We help organizations balance their need for security with the desire for convenience and a seamless customer experience—all while staying within cost constraints. Our unique blend of industry and security experts align security with your business strategy because we know security does more than reduce the likelihood of a breach. It builds trust, increases member and provider engagement and ultimately improves your bottom line.

We can also help you build business cases for security improvements that go beyond avoiding costly penalties, highlighting how initiatives to improve security can be beneficial to other areas of your business, including:

  • Consolidation of data sources to drive a ‘source of truth’ for various data types while simplifying the protection of that information
  • Upgraded technologies, compliant with security, that offer new features and capabilities
  • Improved and more secure customer experience and engagement
  • Optimization and operationalization to better leverage the existing investment in security products
  • Greater collaboration between business, IT, and compliance
  • Help non-technologists in your organization understand and participate in cybersecurity conversations so that security is aligned with your business objectives when making strategic decisions

A proactive approach

It is only with thoughtful investment in information security that healthcare payers and providers will be able to prepare for new risks and responsibilities, while maintaining patient confidence and profitability. Our security experts focus on risks to your organization that extend beyond HIPAA compliance and audit requirements. We have extensive experience using HITRUST Common Security (v7) and NIST Cybersecurity frameworks to help our clients improve their ability to identify, detect, protect, respond to and recover from potential security incidents. In addition, we translate the framework data into easy-to-understand language that enables executives to make well informed decisions. 

With dedicated IT security resources and up-to-date knowledge of IT security threats and solutions, our security practice can help you protect your data and operations from cyber threats and set you on a path to continually improve your security posture.  

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