Managing Distributed Energy Resources
With growth of distributed energy resources (DER), including rooftop solar, storage, and electric vehicles, the power distribution system is evolving into a two-way network. Recent growth in customer-sited DER is forcing utilities to:
  • Approve interconnection applications faster
  • Automate workflow/document routing processes
  • Reduce customer and utility application costs and effort
  • Create visibility into distributed energy resource assets behind the meter
  • Manage voltage/frequency risks impacting safety and reliability
ConnectTheGrid™ turns these challenges into opportunities for both the utility and their customers.

How does ConnectTheGrid work?

ConnectTheGrid provides utilities, municipalities, customers and contractors:
  • Single online tool for all utility connection applications – DER Interconnection, new gas, electric, or water connection request
  • Increased DER visibility – providing utilities with accurate information on the capacity, type of DER, location of DER, and current DER performance
  • Enhanced cycle time – workflow management features allow utilities to process three times as many applications with existing staff resources
  • Automatic notification to the customer/contractor as the application passes through the process
  • Notification if there is outstanding information needed by the customer/contractor
  • Automatic notifications to the utility when applications approach approval time requirements
  • Improved customer experience and reduced utility costs through intuitive, online smart forms 
  • Increased transparency through online status dashboards – reducing the need for customer email and phone calls
  • Real-time DER forecasting and planning  - providing utilities with more precise information to improve forecasting and planning

To learn more about ConnectTheGrid – or to request a personalized demo – please contact Sean Murphy.

New Utility Connection Application
ConnectTheGrid is a cloud-based, modular application designed to streamline the utility (gas, water, electric) connection application process, resulting in reduced soft costs and an improved customer and contractor experience. ConnectTheGrid has a variety of features and functionalities, to help automate the work flow associated with moving a connection request from application to operation.  This solution provides an online tool that provides customer and contractor with up to the minute status of their application and if there are any outstanding issues with their application request.  This online solution automates the communication and workflow at the utility to simplify the turn on of new utility services.
DER Enrollment

ConnectTheGrid is a cloud-based, modular application designed to streamline the interconnection process, resulting in reduced soft costs and an improved customer experience. ConnectTheGrid has a variety of features and functionalities, including the ability to collect, track, and manage the enrollment application process (interconnection and net metering) between the customer and the utility. 

Engage your customers
At the time of interconnection, customers have already invested a lot of time and money. You need to engage them by offering real-time responses and tracking. ConnectTheGrid’s online application delivers an intuitive easy way for customers to submit applications with the necessary information in just a few clicks.

Accelerate DG interconnection approvals 
Reduce time to interconnection approval and lower staff-related costs by automating the review process and tracking. ConnectTheGrid allows you to meet regulators’ strict approval timelines by notifying your staff of upcoming deadlines and directly reporting your success to the regulators. It also collects, tracks, and manages the enrollment application process (interconnection/net metering) between the customer and the utility as it moves through the many utility technical screens and department approvals.

Customize reports to meet your needs
ConnectTheGrid offers on-demand reports of DER systems, or aggregated DER system by feeder/phase, substation or region. These reports are both web and Excel-based. Utilities can customize reports to meet internal, regulatory and other stakeholder requirements.


Advanced DER Technical Screening
As distributed energy resource (DER) penetration increases, utilities are faced with the challenge of approving larger volumes of applications and the need to have visibility into the DER deployed on the grid. Managing enrollment through ConnectTheGrid allows you to manage all DER asset data electronically.

The master data set in ConnectTheGrid can be leveraged to streamline the DER enrollment process and reduce soft costs for the distribution planning team. The Advanced DER Technical Screening Module provides automated calculations and visualizations to support the technical review of DER applications, ensuring proposed DER interconnections do not create safety or reliability concerns. The Advanced Technical Screening Module application:
  • Leverages the master data set to automate high level interconnection application approvals
  • Uses distribution planning feeder load information to determine the acceptable DER Generation Limit on a per feeder basis
  • Calculates and visualizes the impact of DER application in question on DER headroom based on the existing Live DER systems and those that have been approved, but not livened
  • Supports pre-application processing with significantly lower engineering effort 
  • Enables scenario planning for DER deployment impact on the distribution system

Energy Forecasting

Today, most utilities are not able to incorporate all of the distributed energy resources (DER) into their power purchasing decisions, scenario planning for upcoming grid investments or demand response. To do so requires visibility into these systems and the ability to more accurately forecast the DER system outputs. ConnectTheGrid was architected to leverage the master data set of DER to leverage the opportunity to incorporate DER into these forward looking functions.

ConnectTheGrid’s Energy Forecasting Module can forecast the DER energy and demand for use in estimating short- and long-term system capacity and energy needs in a manner that is truly reflective of the minute, hourly, and daily fluctuations of renewable energy sourced at the edge of the grid. With its master database of all DERs on the grid, and adaptive energy forecasting algorithm, ConnectTheGrid helps energy managers forecast the output of the DER resources and helps the distribution planning engineers identify where to best add storage or consider system updates to maintain power quality and reliability.

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