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ConnectTheGrid™ is powered by a team of more than 20 industry leaders and integration experts that will help you customize it to your operations based on your needs.

Distributed Energy Resources
Survey: Addressing the Challenge of Distributed Energy Resource Growth

How customers, executives and regulators are responding to the distributed energy revolution. 

ConnectTheGrid™ is a SaaS product that helps utilities manage all of their new connection applications - distributed energy resources interconnections, electrical connections, gas connections and water connections - from application to system operation. It is an online tool for both customers and utilities with an integrated set of dashboards that captures DER or utility connection status, capacity, and regulatory compliance and informs utilities, contractors, third party solar providers, regulatory bodies and customers of current application status and any issues.

More importantly, the tool is backed by a team of industry experts and integration specialists that can help you implement it flawlessly and provide the ongoing support you need.

To learn more about ConnectTheGrid – or to request a personalized demo – please contact Sean Murphy

ConnectTheGrid video: How it works
Managing Distributed Energy Resources
With growth of distributed energy resources (DER), including rooftop solar, storage, and electric vehicles, the power distribution system is evolving into a two-way network.
New Utility Connection Application
ConnectTheGrid is a cloud-based, modular application designed to streamline the utility (gas, water, electric) connection application process, resulting in reduced soft costs and an improved customer and contractor experience. 
DER Enrollment

ConnectTheGrid is a scalable, cloud-based resource for utilities that provides a step-by-step work flow for application approvals, acting as the master data source for DER assets.

Advanced DER Technical Screening

As distributed energy resource (DER) penetration increases, utilities are faced with the challenge of approving larger volumes of applications and the need to have visibility into the DER deployed on the grid. Managing enrollment through ConnectTheGrid allows you to manage all DER asset data electronically.

Energy Forecasting

Today, most utilities are not able to incorporate all of the distributed energy resources (DER) into their power purchasing decisions, scenario planning for upcoming grid investments or demand response. 

Utility Industry Solutions
We assist our clients in an evolving energy and utilities industry to achieve their objectives through optimization of people, process and technology.
Leaders in enabling digital transformation partner through technology and services
Date : September 27, 2017
The rise of distributed energy resources (DERs) is an exciting and interesting opportunity for customers, and a challenge and opportunity for the utilities and the organizations that regulate them.
Date : April 15, 2016
West Monroe surveyed utility customers, utility executives and managers, and dozens of regulatory commission chairpersons, commissioners and senior staff to assess attitudes toward DER adoption, the broader impacts DERs will have on utility operations, and what utilities and regulatory bodies are doing (or plan to do) to accommodate DERs.
Distributed Energy Resources survey featured on
Date : March 14, 2016
There are various kinds of distributed energy resources (DER), and their impact on utility operations and revenue streams differ considerably according to type.