Banking CXellence

Banking CXellence cuts your time spent on a CRM implementation nearly in half—giving banks and credit unions the ability to realize revenue on an advanced timeline.

Common challenges that we see with many clients include breaking down the silos between various lines of business, diversifying or increasing income by cross-selling products and services (generating fee-based income), and providing a more personalized and effortless client experience. 

Banking CXellence is built on the Salesforce platform and provides the answer to these trends with pre-built accelerators and a universal data model supporting sales and service for all lines of business on a single platform. The functionality allows for both business benefits and immediate enhancements to customer experience.

After implementation, a bank or credit union can see a revenue lift and an increase in client experience quality and satisfaction – which can be seen with the following metrics: better client retention, higher client satisfaction scores, increase in cross-sell and referrals and decrease in call handling time. One client has seen monthly referrals increase from 1100 to 1900.

Learn more about Banking CXellence in our brochure. 

We also discuss Becoming a Customer-Centric Bank, Four Key Pieces of the Jigsaw Puzzle in this whitepaper

Business & IT Transformation

The business and technology environment driving bank operations is moving fast. Not only must your institution be prepared to manage the array of systems that already run your operations, optimize new offerings and channels, and ensure customer and employee connectivity anytime and anywhere, it must also keep up with a wave of changes that include a range of new providers, such as hosted and cloud-based solutions.

If your bank is like most, the escalating complexity of your technology environment is making it increasingly difficult to track, manage, and support, as well as to respond to new business needs. We can help.

With a combination of deep industry experience, best practices, and extensive knowledge of how banks operate—from core deposit and loan systems to payment platforms to online, mobile, or branch banking channels—West Monroe Partners can help you align and transform your multi-vendor, multi-system environment to support your business goals.

We offer a flexible range of banking-specific capabilities to support you, including:

  • Assessments of your current IT organization, processes, technology, and strategy
  • IT service management
  • Enterprise architecture and Project Management Office
  • Business Process Design, Organizational Design, Sustainability
  • Core Infrastructure, Data Center, Cloud, IT Asset Management
  • Service blueprinting
  • Software and IT asset management
  • IT vendor selection
  • Technology implementation

For banks, transformation is now the key to enabling most business benefits.
Convert your customers’ low-value, high-volume transactions to technology-enabled channels—in ways that reduce costs AND improve customer satisfaction. How can we help transform your bank’s capabilities to make that and other business goals possible?

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Most banks, regardless of size, utilize multiple systems to support their full set of product functionality. These systems and related data management tools contain a wealth of customer, market, and/or operational data.  With so many systems in place and even more users inputting data, it is difficult to produce the timely, accurate insight your bank needs to: 

  • Develop a 360-degree view of customers across products, lifecycles and channels
  • Manage risk
  • Operate profitably and competitively

We can help. West Monroe Partners works with banks of all sizes to make better use of the valuable information that already resides across an enterprise. Combining deep industry knowledge with extensive practical business intelligence experience, we work with you to integrate data from core and ancillary systems and transform your bank into a data-driven enterprise.

With an approach focused on delivering tangible business benefits, we can help you develop a tailored business intelligence strategy and road map; implement sound data governance, quality, and management practices; and select and deploy the right business intelligence tools and reporting capabilities for your environment, needs, and budget.

Tap into your bank’s wealth of data. Realize greater value.
Reduce data gathering and distribution costs. Identify and respond quickly to trends. Nurture and retain your most profitable customer relationships. Strengthen portfolio and risk management and respond to evolving regulatory requirements more effectively. How can we help you use business intelligence to build competitive advantage?

Customer Experience

A recent study by Forrester Research and Watermark Consulting found that customer experience leaders produce an average annual return that is more than double that of laggards. But most companies only give “lip service” to customer experience and, in reality, have a substantial gap between their brand promise and their customers’ actual experience.

Delivering a differentiated customer experience—and the various business benefits it can produce—requires engaged employees, compelling brand values, and smart operations. It also requires a culture shift—organizing around the customer rather than around traditional enterprise boundaries. For many banks, that’s a big change. We can help.

We help banks bridge the gap between marketing (setting customer expectations) and operational execution (fulfilling the brand promise). How? By combining deep banking industry experience with a proven customer experience approach that addresses four key questions. What is it like to interact with your bank? How might your bank stand out in the marketplace and fuel growth? What are the right priorities and operating model given your operating realities? And how will you deliver and sustain your customer experience?

From assessing and improving account opening and onboarding processes, to designing effective cross-channel relationship management programs, to identifying digital strategies that connect your bank with its customers on their terms, to rolling up our sleeves and implementing process and technology changes, West Monroe Partners has the resources and experience to help you establish and maintain a strong, end-to-end customer experience.

Your customers expect more. It’s time to deliver.
Lower costs. Greater customer retention, profitability, and market share. Increased growth. What could your bank accomplish with a roadmap for a better, more engaging customer experience?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Today’s environment places unprecedented pressure on banks and credit unions to act quickly when they recognize good growth opportunities. Increasingly, accelerating growth involves mergers and acquisitions. But these activities also increase risks—not the least of which is negative impact to current and acquired customers.

In addition to determining the financial opportunities and risks, you must be able to assess and understand the operational challenges of consolidating institutions following a transaction. The multitude of detailed and interrelated acquisition activities can easily overburden staff or, at the very least, present challenges because these activities occur infrequently and are, therefore, unfamiliar.

Successful transactions begin with identifying and anticipating the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. They also require the ability to piece it all together into a comprehensive, achievable plan. We can help.

Our experienced team has been through this process many times before. We have performed hundreds of pre-close due diligence projects, managed detailed planning for the largest credit union integration in US history, and conducted acquisition integration for numerous financial institutions. In fact, we have converted this experience into a comprehensive “Banking M&A Playbook” that helps our clients understand and plan for the changes and impacts to customers, employees, strategy, processes, and technology.

West Monroe Partners understands the full merger and acquisition lifecycle, and is the one partner that can assist you through all stages of the transaction:

  • Readiness planning
  • Target selection
  • Due diligence
  • Conversion planning
  • Execution and stabilization
  • Post-close integration
  • Synergy capture

From interest to successful integration.
Reduced integration risk. Successful customer and employee transition. Greater value. How can we help you improve growth and competitiveness through a successful transaction?


Payments impact the way consumers interact with businesses – they are a means of attracting, retaining, and cultivating relationships with customers, as well as vehicles for driving sales. For merchants, financial institutions, payments processors and platform providers alike, payment products and systems are vital to a company’s growth and success. 

Today’s payments environment is evolving rapidly – businesses must adapt to evolving regulatory requirements, compete with new market entrants, and innovate to engage and retain customers. With myriad external and internal pressures, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and understand the opportunities and risks your organization may encounter in the payments space. 

West Monroe Partners’ blend of industry and technology expertise will help you navigate the payments landscape.

We will provide key insights as you plan, build, assess, and improve your company’s payments initiatives. Applying our decades of management experience in the industry, along with deep technology expertise, we will guide each step, from strategy formation to ongoing program management, to ensure your payments products, partners and technologies are helping you achieve your revenue goals.

We have the ability to offer expertise and solutions in areas across the payments spectrum, including:

  • Partnerships
  • Customer experience
  • Digital / mobile
  • Cybersecurity
  • Operations
  • Contact center
  • And more

Many companies are unaware of the untapped opportunities that can be achieved through payments solutions.

We help merchants, not-for-profits, financial institutions, and other payments providers to unlock these benefits through optimized systems and planning, and successful, collaborative partnerships that create long-lasting value for all parties.

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