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The West Monroe Difference

Your choice of partner can make a real difference in your ability to achieve sustainable success. 

Our core difference is our team's ability to blend business acumen with technical expertise.  We are—consultants and practitioners—who understand business objectives and are highly proficient technologists. We partner with clients to drive quantified solutions expressed in exceptionally clear terms.

Clients tell us they love the experience, skills and spirit our team brings to every relationship, and express appreciation for some of our classic traits:  

We are good communicators. Let’s face it—good communication is a prerequisite to any successful relationship. We emphasize strong communication and transparent operations in everything we do—maintaining open dialogue with respect to project budgets, “hard-to-hear” issues, people matters, and other drivers of success, including earning your satisfaction. 

When we say we collaborate well, we mean it. We don’t just come in and complete a project “for you” or do it “to you”; instead we work “with you”—using integrated teams that include both your personnel and ours so that we can assist, teach, and transition to make sure you are fully prepared to sustain the benefits of the solution long after our role has ended. 

Our approaches really do work. A core competency of our firm is our ability to understand, articulate and evaluate the functional dynamics of your business. Leveraging industry best practices, we chart your processes today then model alternatives for how they can be made more effective and efficient when powered by new approaches and systems.  This meticulous approach enables us to help you plan, design and manage programs that turn complex requirements into achievable results.

We understand your mandate to do more with less—and equip you to do so. It is a rare organization that has all the resources necessary to deliver consistent day-to-day operations and tackle strategic change priorities. We partner with you on your most important initiatives bringing our accelerators and frameworks that enable you to bring order to chaos to make the most of limited resources. 

We value the quality, not quantity of our relationships. Sure, growth and development of our firm is important to us. But, we believe the best relationships are those that endure—those that enable us to develop the kind of deep understanding of your business that helps us help you drive greater value. One way we maintain the quality is our preference for organic growth—building our team deliberately over time with people who share similar values and work ethic. 

We have confidence in our ability to execute, and we are willing to assume risk and accountability for success. We align our own incentives with the value we deliver. We are prepared to work on a fixed-fee, contingency or results-based pricing models that transfer responsibility for quality, delivery, and risk to us as your partner. 

Lastly, and most importantly, we’ve eliminated the barriers to success. We deliver services with a strong, consistent work ethic and integrity—in large part because we “know” the people on our teams. We staff our projects with our own employee-owners of West Monroe, not contractors. Additionally, we have set-up a quality assurance program, led by dedicated experienced personnel, to oversee our work and maintain the high standard of our work. We believe our consistently high 9.0 client satisfaction score (on a 10.0 scale) speaks for itself and we’d be proud to show you this data and honored to have you join our clients who have experienced the West Monroe difference..

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